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The Parable of Talents and Minas II

Aug 29, 2017 10:08 PM EDT

The word of God is one of Talents for us. The Word is a sword of truth, but you have to keep using the sword. Constantly sharpen it. What are you doing with your sword? It separates good and evil. Truth is sharp and precise. We must correctly discern God's will in His Word. There is a specific purpose of God in every single thing in my life. God is glad when I do this, and there's something God hates when I do this. I have to know it and obey it. The problem is that I have a sword, but I do not use it. Then the sword rusts. It becomes dull.

In Luke 16:19, the parable of the rich and Lazarus ... It's about judgement. Depending on how I lived, the eternal life is determined. The rich die and are judged. But the tongue suffers. Why? He wore purple clothes. This was the cloth that only religious leaders at that time could wear. To the Pharisees, priests, and those who received the word of God. We also received the word. But this is not just given only for us. There are many spiritual Lazarus. Amos 8... I should share what I have received. I'm not just living with a hostage and grace. It is not the blessing that is received only for me. To go on the way of Jesus is to be constantly filled by emptying me. It is abundant by sharing. There is judgment of tongue when we do not share the precious truth we have received.

What's the problem? It is our focus. What I have, my power is more or less than the others? We always have a focus here. It is not that I lose my value because Because I have a lesser capacity than others. I do not use it precious, and it makes my life worthless.

1 Timothy 4:4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 

There is nothing to be thrown away when we receive it with grateful heart. When we do not receive with thanksgiving heart, we keep comparing with others, we do not reveal the precious things in us, we waste our time and cannot be used by God.

It seems useless, but what can I do with this one talent? I do not want to waste my time and money ... I can think so. But what kind of person is complimented by this story? Who just made a profit? If you look at it, God praises the one who just obeyed and followed what the Master says. When the owner told him to do business until he came back, he went to the business immediately. In other words, he lived diligently. The owner doesn't praise oh you made a lot of money! He is not complimenting this. You are good and loyal! It is loyal, obedience.

It was profitable to obey as the owner wanted, as the owner had said.

The person who was rebuked, even though his master told him to trade it, kept it hidden. Why did he hide his talent? First, he had his own thoughts. Logically, this person's behavior is smart. You can lose more by doing your business. It's better to just take care of what you have now, rather than make minas.

We can see that it is very similar to our idea. Our life is similar to this man. When we live, there is fear of failure. There is a time when I do not do anything because of my fear of failure. It is better to keep what you have done so far and not to do more. So it is difficult to challenge and it is not easy to change.

However, Jesus says that he is lazy and evil that he does not challenge smartly. What if I fail? All I have is only one talent. I wish I had two, five talents, not one, but ...

God equally gives everyone the same opportunity. But the reason we do not put it to work is because of my smart thinking and analysis. It is not obedient to the words of the master.

There is something we do not know. It may be worth five talents in the eyes of God to have only one talent in our eyes. We pray this way. God give me power. Give me more power. But do not business with what you have. Okay, I will do it when I have two talents, five talents ...

Why are we asking for power? Ability is not the focus. God is not someone who blames no power. He blames us for we did not challenge, did not use what we have already received, but still disobeying God's will and calling for me.