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YEF HQ Provides International Bible Teacher Training Online and Offline

Jun 10, 2020 11:31 PM EDT


Before Planning to offer an internship, Youth Evangelical Fellowship(YEF HQ), has made the decision to provide Bible teacher training to young leader interested in becoming ministers or current student-leaders. The course will provide an introduction and background on YEF and its history, as well as, counseling on leadership and how to be successful chapter leaders. Along with these things, each student will have plenty of opportunities to practice teaching the Word and receive an ample amount of feedback, to build their confidence in spreading God's Word. 

The opportunity is still open for those interested in making their young members future Bible teachers, as the fellowship uses this time to compile materials and plan out the inner workings of this course. The messages and discussions will be video recorded for future trainings and in getting together educational materials. The Bible studies taught to the students and what they will teach back will be the basic 10 step Bible studies. 

What YEF is expecting from them will not be a perfected way to teach by the young leaders, but understanding in how to prepare the messages, how to counsel their future members, how to manage their chapters, and most importantly, maintaining and growing their relationship with God has they begin the next step in their faith journey. 

For more info, please contact to @cathypark92(KakaoTalk)