YEF U.S. Staff Training Shared Heartwarming Testimonies

At Chuseok, the traditional holiday in Korea, YEFK held event with foreign students who’re studying bible together. Members with various background-China, Japan, Germany, Russia, HongKong, U.S. etc..- gathered to prepare the feast together and event started with thanksgiving prayer to God.

Leaders of YEFK taught faith during the fellowship. “Old people hoped that blessings to be poured abundantly as moon is being filled to become full moon at Chuseok. That’s why the songpyeon(traditional cake of Korea) is shaped crescent. They thought it’ll be filled with blessings”

Leaders continued “Though they didn’t know about God, but they have fear. However, we know God through the Bible whom our soul always seek for and who’re the rue source of blessing” and explained the world of faith.

After the meal, traditional game of Korea continued and members enjoyed the time in Holy Spirit.

YEFK shared “In new semeaster, we’ll carry out strategic mission for foreign student in Korea, praying that they can meet God deeply and held by the truth of the Gospel”