YEF Santiago chapter in Chile is advancing rapidly as the new chapter is being set up with new staff, Gerald. With the arrival of new staff, he began to evangelize in the University of Chile and Catholic University daily. University of Chile where the staff is planting a new chapter has around 40,000 students on campus and Catholic University has around 26,000 students.

Chile consists of 55% Catholics, with 13% Evangelical Christians(2015). Catholic believers are rapidly decreasing from 70% of 2002 to 66% of 2013, and now 55%. Chile with 17.62 million population, is a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge, with 4,300km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains.

The staff Gerald shared, “It is a country where the believers are rapidly decreasing. Especially young generations are swaying here and there to find the true water that can quench their thirst. Doing campus mission in Chile is a great blessing for me as it allows me to understand the heart of God towards the lost soul. How painful He is to see the souls that are lost and how joyful He can be when He finds one more soul to turn Him back.”

The staff is praying together with the local missionaries in a daily basis to gain strength to go on in the mission field to reach out many souls. Please pray for Chile to be victorious as God opens the way for the country’s campus mission for YEF.