YEF Africa leaders gathered last Monday to share vision of youth ministry in Africa.

The presider of the online chatting shared how important the youth mission is to the history of God’s salvation.

The presider said, “Youth mission is so important as it is the age group that is vibrant and very likely to change their future direction for the Lord. this age group is the most radical.” She added, “So many important figures in the history of Christianity also started their ministry in their 20s and 30s. John Calvin wrote a great book of his life achievement at the age of 26. Jesus disciples were also very young in their 20s and 30s.”

The presider also emphasized to know that this calling into a ministry is not man-appointed but God-appointed. Realizing that, she emphasized them to meditate deeply about the meaning of this calling in His grace and purpose of what God wants to see through our place of ministry.

They all shared the graceful testimony and agreed to follow the instruction of uniting with other YEF chapters as well as HQ by submitting articles regularly(3 times a week) to the YEF news site.

Please pray for YEF Africa to gain strength and vision for the kingdom of God.