YEF in Kampala is getting stronger as it adds more members everyday through many outreach activities.

“Praise the Lord that He is good.” Wegner who is the staff of YEF Kampala excitingly shares the June and July progress and plan.

After the recent visit to one high school nearby, they were amazed that how many people are thirsty and ready for receiving the words of God. “It is truly the time of God’s harvest.” she shared.

As they are expanding their ministry to local communities, more people are starting to notice the ministry’s good works.

Adding more members daily, YEF Kampala is on fire to reach out to the young college students on campuses. This month, they are planning to reach out some institutions and business school near the city for introducing YEF ministry as well as reaching out to people with refreshments in the booth on campus. Their survey is scheduled for this Saturday as they are passionately organizing many events for thirsty souls. The survey will help them see the need of the local campuses and community.