Youth Evangelical Fellowship NYU is planning with welcoming week events to prepare new semester and welcome many freshmen.

YEF NYU staff shared, “This year’s events are modeled after last Fall’s events. Last year the events were fruitful and drew many students. This year YEF NYU prays to catch many students and especially contain them with the net of the Word of God.”

Especially they will focus on enhancing communication and follow-up with students with well-structured system. She added, “in order to achieve this is to delegate these responsibilities to current student leaders. Mike, Renee, and Zach are student leaders at NYU who helped plan and coordinate this Fall’s events.”

The welcoming week events are scheduled on August 31st for Bubble Tea & Faith Talks, September 9th for YEF Welcome Fellowship, September 10th for A Walk with God on the High Line.

Bubble Tea & Faith Talks is an hour talk about faith-related topic with delicious Bubble Tea. YEF Welcome Fellowship is to bring more freshman to the large group gathering to catch them with the word of God. A Walk with God on the High Line is city tour with group of new freshman who are interested in fellowship and also exploring the city.

Please pray for NYU student leaders that they will unite with YEF center and share the vision of YEF this semester to bring fruitful results of outreaches.