After 5 days of Youth Evangelical Fellowship staff training which held from 22nd to 26th August, 2016, participants were overwhelmed with the overflowing grace received and felt motivated to share their wonderful testimonies.

It was truly glad and heart warming seeing their life changing according to the Words of God and regaining strength through prayers and fellowship.

Arthur Scandrett from Washington D.C. shared, “I was glad to admire how much effort is put into holding these events to help others in Christian love. How does God work? Plants a seed. The kingdom of God starts within us. The seed is the word of God, and the planter is God. When my heart is ready, and the seed deep enough, I will have peace.”

“At different times in my life, I feel I’m all the soils. I pray that I remain the seed planted in rich soil. I wish to bear fruit for other believers and plant the seed of Jesus Christ to any and all I can. Hopefully in time, I will learn how to evangelize Him and help Him along His path.”

Elizabeth White from West Michigan University shared, “It was the Word of God that brought me out. I could pray all day long and even worship, but it was the Word of God that set me free. Because of Jesus Christ and his humility I am here today. This was a process for me, and I believe Jesus saw me through the entire battle. I believe He loved me back to life and still ordered my footsteps.”

“I learned the importance of humility from my own life experience, as well as the scriptures we had been studying through the week of training and all that has been revealed. I’m thankful that Jesus, by the grace of His Spirit, has put me back on the right track. I pray that I can stay under great leadership and covering. I pray that I can remain humble. I pray for the continuation of the study of the Word of God. Amen.”

Jessynia Théagène from Montreal shared, “During my college time, I realized that it was due to my focus on doing things rather than on becoming the person that God wanted me to be. The amount of papers and projects that I had to submit in biblical school was important. I was surely growing intellectually, but inside of me my soul was thirsty for a deep connection with God. I wanted God to know me. My soul was crying and I wanted God to hold me.”

“Now, I have a strong conviction that the Word of God is the path for my future. I believe that His promises are forming my life. I believe that God knows exactly where I will be in 10 years. The only decision that I need to take is to follow Him day after day. My life is in His hands.”

Dian Li intern of YEF, shared, “God know everything about me and he loves me so much, he forgave me and took my pain. As a sinner, I really don’t like my ugly image and dirty clothes, I committed so many sins but I can’t pay for even one of them, because I have to pay with my life. I don’t want to die miserably. I really want God to forgive me and have mercy on me.”

“I checked my heart deeply, God knew my deep sorrow, the conflict inside of me, he knew my pain and struggling in sin, he want to set me free because he is my creator, he created me with love. Inside of God’s unconditional love, I see hope, the hope that God has on me, as well as the hope I have on myself.”

“I want to know more about God’s heart. Now, I suddenly realized that the most important thing that I do care the most is the relationship between God and me, I really care about how God see me. God never give up, so I am not gonna give up either. I will continuously seek for his will and understand his heart more.”

Rebekah Ong shared, “Why we need to do campus mission? Many people give up because they don’t understand the reason. Whatever God said, people in the world won’t listen and no one is willing to be sent by God. Although God feel hopeless toward people in the world, but He never gives up and have faith in us. I believe that is the heart of parents who feels hopeless seeing their children so ignorant but at the same time because He loves the children so deep that He couldn’t bear to give up. This is the heart of parents, that’s the heart of our loving God.”