Tuesday Prayer Filled with Repentance in Korea

YEF Korea Held Tuesday Prayer Meeting for Repentance with Abundant Holy Spirit.

One member who attended the prayer meeting for the first time said, “During the prayer, I meditated the prayer of Gethemane of Jesus. He prayed not as my will but as your will to be done. I was afraid to kneel, pray and make a decision of love always. But during the prayer, God gave me willing heart to make a decision. I prayed, ‘God, please help me to lay down everything before you.’ Then God told me to follow him. Thank God. I feel much lighter after laying my will and burden to the Lord.”

One YEF staff said, “I looked back on my pride and foolishness. Jesus lowered himself for us and became an example to us. I want to be a person who lives in absolute obedience to the truth with a simple faith that believes the cross will not end with death but surely comes with a resurrection.”