Vision Trip to Athens Ignited New Dream

On Tuesday March 21st, YEF Atlanta Staffs headed an hour and 30 minutes north of Atlanta to visit the University of Georgia, Home of the Georgia Bulldogs. This large, beautiful campus takes up most of the city and has the largest student body in Georgia. The staffs began their walk with prayer led by Atlanta YEF leader on the North campus of the school.

“At first, I was honestly a little intimidated,” the YEF leader explains, “but as we began to pray, I felt God’s heart for these students and as we continued to walk I began to see the potential of evangelizing and teaching on this campus. God really opened my eyes to see that this campus is His. It belongs to Him already and the students there are waiting to know Him! This was my first Vision Trip, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful and graceful this experience was.”

The pair walked the whole of the campus and found many great spots to evangelize and to hold bible studies. On the campus there are plenty of open areas for sports fellowships, free and open basketball courts, three dining halls, two student centers and plenty of private rooms that anyone can use. Both leaders brainstormed about the students and talked about ministering and teaching others and both were encouraged by this fellowship. They have high hopes for this school.

One staff concluded the campus vision trip with a prayer over the campus and the student there, stating, “I think there is great potential there. It actually made me feel more ambitious about certain things. I think growing students out there will be a great addition to God’s kingdom. That campus is huge, that campus is beautiful, that campus is God’s. We need to make the students hearts huge and beautiful, filled with God’s love. I look forward to future trips there and evangelism. I look forward to growing YEF in our current locations and growing leaders in future trips. God can fulfill anything, we just need to have eyes of faith to see and believe in him over everything.”

Please join YEF in prayer over this campus and in building up God’s kingdom.