YEF Uganda Draws Many through School Visit

YEF Uganda Chapter leader was given an opportunity to lead a session in one of the local school event. Joan brought a topic of patience to one of the college school in Ntinda and 15 students were interested in joining YEF at the end.

Joan said, “it was awesome time for me by the grace of God.” Counseling session with the topic of patience went well and with successful attentions.

She added, “During the session, we realized that the majority were going through a lot of challenges and they could not trace the solutions. So the best we could do was to counsel all of them with real facts of life. Some of them wanted to quit education because of the challenges and others thought they were abandoned by their parents. For some, they are thinking their boyfriend or girlfriend is everything.”

All those questions and concerns were dealt during the session.

“By the time we left the school we heard received15 new members on the Yef team and we thank the almighty God for that. These members are ready to move with us and to change the world. The most important thing was that even the non-Christians were willing to join the movement for God.”