YEF Philippines Continue to Evangelize Diligently

With the longing heart to bring more students for Bible study, YEF Philippines has held evangelism around the university to spread the flyer and ask students to fill the survey questionnaire.

During the evangelism, they got 10 contact students who are interested in Bible study. The minister provides the outreach program such as Korean class, guitar, and keyboard class.

A sister shared her reflection upon the evangelism, “I am thankful for this day because God let me join the evangelism. I saw many situations while the minister was evangelizing some youths. Some walks with their partners, some with their friends. The way their eyes dart to each who passed by in their front. The way they cover their self with their posture. It’s like everyone is a peacock bringing out their feathers on display. It made me realize that youth nowadays needs to hear the Words of God to guide them in the path where they can see true happiness, true belongingness, and true love. The situation when we evangelized made me feel hesitant to approach youths younger than me and youths older than me. For I fear of the rejection I foresee if I would do it. I was afraid. Afraid to face them all. I am afraid that they will just ignore me. But then, I realize that this is the only thing that I can make to introduce God to them and to help them live according to Jesus’ path. I want them to feel the sense of comfort and warmth of God’s love. I want them to feel the genuine one of all.”

Please pray that many students can be led to Christ.