YEF Zambia Keeps on Fire for Campus Evangelism 

Entering the new month of August, the leader and member of YEF Zambia keep evangelizing at Copper Belt University (CBU) and were able to share the message to 8 students whom they interested for Bible study.

During the evangelism, the YEF’ leader Ruth stated, “We have been given the freedom to do whatsoever that pleases us but we need to remember that we will be judged, how we spend our time matters both in our Christianity and personal lives for whatever we do does have a result at the end of the day. It can be a punishment or a golden reward, it can be death or life.”

Listening to the message one of student shared, “Thank you for the graceful word which you have shared, it is very important to help others realize the importance of time because our time is limited just like you have said.”

After the evangelism, Brother Benson shared, “Many youths have lost their way in life because they do not know the value of time, we should always remember that our time on earth is limited, the last days are approaching and there are very near and if we continue wasting our time we cannot receive our reward either here on earth or in heaven.”

It is with great hope that through persistence and diligent in evangelism, there will be many thirsty and hungry students join the Bible study one-day sooner.