YEF Singapore Holds the First Mini Retreat in Graceful Time

YEF Singapore has held summer mini-retreat with 6 attendees, whom 3 of them were YEF Bible study students and 1 brother who was just evangelized yesterday.

The minister preached the message from Romans chapter 1 to 3. The members received much grace from the retreat including the newly-evangelized brother Nathanael can able to join for all the Bible study sessions.

A member reflected, “Humans are always seeking something to fill the void in their hearts and usually it will be in different forms of idolism. Idols can consist of anything that takes up our time and attention away from God. I can testify to this truth and confess that I have many idols in my life. One very distinct example I know is always listening to different kinds of music just to fill this emptiness inside of me. Listening to music is fine and at times, listening to secular music is fine as long as you know how to exercise discernment and you know your faith well. But at some point this year, because music has the ability to make me feel something as long as it is “the right song” in terms of lyrics and music, I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect song to listen to so that I can feel normal enough to continue my life and activities. But the more I searched, the more empty I felt till I realized there is no song that can fill this void or make me feel happy. In fact, I was idolizing music without even knowing it. It was eye-opening and I realized just how lost and desolate we are without God.”

It is with the great hope that through this mini-retreat, the current Bible students and the new student can grow more in faith and can experience God’s love.