YEF Atlanta Holds First Group Bible Study in Full of Grace

YEF Atlanta has held its first group Bible study of the new semester on September 5th with nine students at GSU campus in full of grace.

They started with an icebreaker to get to know one another and continued with the Bible study.

YEF Atlanta chapter leader, Anu Samuel shared the introduction to the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-2 on the importance of the introduction and how we as listeners of the word of God should have eager and attentive hearts to learn more from the Word of God. She then explained more how the Beatitudes form the basic “Constitution” for Christian living and how Jesus was the perfect example of this through his life and his teachings.

She stated, “Jesus doesn’t just give us a set of rules and says ‘Follow this and you will be Christian’ but he says ‘because you are Christians you should live like this.”

After the Bible study, the members shared their prayer topics and prayed together with Minister Hyunhee Kim, the leader of the Spiritual Care Department.

A member shared, “I really want to have this close relationship with God and for him to reveal more of his word to me.”

Please pray for the students to keep their hearts focused on Jesus during this new school year.