YEF Atlanta Hosted ‘Culture Day Event’ Collaborating with Other Ministries

YEF HQ Hosted ‘Culture Day Event’ Collaborating with Other Ministries gracefully on September 22nd. There were around 80 people gathered, all of the members had devoted in their position to make this time glory to God.

It was planned to invite neighbors and students to YEF and it’s been 3rd time. By the grace of God, they had the most people this time. Members invited their family and friends as well as some Sunday service attendees who haven’t visited the church for a while. There were some neighbors and college students who visited the church the first time by invitation and advertisement.

Blue Sky Team, Korean traditional dance ministry, affiliated with Krystal Korean Church showed beautiful Fan Dance, Buh Koo Choom and Nanta with praise music. YEF HQ praise team led the praise team in a different language, the Jubilee Dance team performed Christian hip-hop and worship dance. There was a short message on John 2 by minister Danielle White, raffle & present time, one on one sharing on 4 spiritual ways and more!

YEF HQ also shared the HQ Building renovation Project, asked prayer and offering for the revival through this building. After the event ended, all enjoyed Asian, African, American and Latin American food. Some families brought their traditional food to share with a joyful heart.

“I’m truly blessed and thankful to see serving hearts in young and old members. We have been praying several months and God answered every prayer. With praise and performances, welcoming new faces, serving food and cleaning up, fellowships and invitations to church and everything was flowing really smooth and gracefully. Because they thought themselves are the host and owner of this ministry,” Pastor Anderson Kim, the representative of YEF shared and continued saying, “I can see the great revival that God is working through us. We are all very thankful for Blue Sky Team and their members serving to make His Kingdom together. Although we are serving in different ministry, they have prayed for our ministry and church since we have known each other. This time, they were so surprised and touched to witness how God works through us. We pray this event not just ended as an event. But it becomes a see-scattering in people’s heart to meet Jesus and have more desire for the Kingdom of God.”