YEF NA Meeting: Though We’re Not Perfect, His Grace Is

With the coming of the end of the year, it’s easy to become reflective on a mission and in repentance. YEF NA leaders wish to take an even more active role in prayer for North America, its current leaders and for future development.

Danielle White, the YEF NA representative, shares, “As we get closer to this year 2020, I feel we have a really great and basic strategy for building YEF and evangelizing more leaders. But at the same time, I feel that the basic things are being neglected. Constant prayer and evangelism. These things, I find are like the doves that Abraham didn’t cut in half. If we don’t separate and sanctify this, then I feel it could mean something like the 400 years of slavery experienced by the future generations of Israel.”

She truly wishes to include the YEF NA leaders in this constant prayer for YEF NA and create their own evangelism schedules and keep those times.

“I pray that one day soon, we can keep each other accountable and truly work together like this, though we are far apart. I don’t want us to hide from each other, even if we’re having a hard time and not speak with one another.”

YEF NA leaders pray that they can bring more fully realized ideas on how to facilitate these things and that it can become a new tradition within YEF.