Tanzania Appoints YEF University Potential Leader

Sarah, a Second year Finance at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, has been appointed YEF potential representative. After receiving Bible Teaching from the Church, she was identified with potential to represent the ministry at the institution on Wednesday 4th December.

Sarah has been an active member of the church for the past six months before she was called upon to represent YEF at the institution of higher learning. She invited quite a few students to the church as well as, evangelized students at the institution and ask Tanzania church leaders to come and minister to them.

Regarded as a person good in teaching, guiding fellow youth, and sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ; we hope she adds values to the ministry. “She is very good in teaching, and interacting with other youths well, and sharing Grace to them”, one leader stated.

Tanzania asks for prayers for this young soul to grow and be guided well with the Word of God.