YEF HQ plans to Offer Winter Internship for Staff and Potential Staff

Campus ministry, in which YEF focuses most, is coming to a close this year in two weeks. Before students go back their hometown or members become busy for the Christmas season, HQ will hold its first YEF Mission School from the 17th to 21st. They expect all attendees to be filled with the word of God again with the intensive bible study and prayers. So they’ll use winter break not to break their spiritual routine, but to deepen in faith.

Also after Christmas, around middle of January, YEF HQ plans to have conferences on detail planning for coming year 2020. Because it will be the turning point of growth in numbers, precise and effective scheduling is needed. Not only that, preparing their own selves as clean and ready to receive blessings from God is the first priority. To discuss and equip them well, HQ will call upon staff and potential staff, whoever is interested in YEF ministry.

Their length of stay depends on their situation, but even just a few days will be very helpful to united and learn together. During this time, there will also be a prayer meeting every day. All accommodations will be provided by HQ.

Please pray for YEF to expect greater things from God and to attempt great things for God. Amen.