YEF HQ Offers Daily Bible Study To Raise Members

Youth Evangelical Fellowship headquarters offered daily Bible study for members this week. It’s intended to teach members who haven’t began their school semesters yet, with most of them being Georgia State University students.

They have learned the story of Noah and the introduction of the Bible, which was also offered during the first Mission School. After the morning Bible study, they prayed together to prepare their hearts for the new semester and mission.

It was a refreshing and encouraging time for all attendees to stay focused on God and study deeper the Word of God. Ministers also exhorted them to evangelize on their school campuses every day.

Adriane shared her reflection, “I learned that the wine is the Holy Spirit and the vineyard is the Kingdom of God. I can appreciate Noah’s faith and patience because the ark took a long time to build and was very specific about measurements. I hope to have this faith and patience when God speaks to me or shows me signs.”

Bri’Daija shared her reflection, “I learned about the judgment. We have to cleanse ourselves of our impurities and habitual sins. I believe that I alternate between the three levels. Sometimes, I can’t understand why the Spirit leads me to do certain things but I just obey (mostly). I hope to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that I can be open and not ashamed.”

Derrick shared his reflection, “The message was mainly based on the judgment of mankind as a result of sin. From the message, I was encouraged not to fear judgment as a believer in Christ because those who fear God find favor in his eyes. Just as we read in the story of Noah, he was favored by God in the judgment by water. I can compare this to my personal life by being conscious of judgment by fire in our time. I, therefore, have a responsibility of living a righteous life to find favor in the eyes of God.”

Ato shared his reflection, “The study related the events that led to the destruction of disobedient people during Noah’s time to that of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Just like Noah’s time, what is required to be saved, and God’s plan for selection has been spelled out in the Bible. God has sent many evangelist and prophets to deliver the message. It is our responsibility as believers to spread the word to every part of the world.”

Kyra shared her reflection, “I learned from the message that God blesses those who abide by him in difficult circumstances. I can see the parallel of Noah in the time of the Nephilim and this world today. The world increasingly becomes desensitize to sin day by day, which will inevitably lead to destruction. Sin leads to destruction, but goodness is eternal. That is why if we remain faithful, we will receive salvation like Noah’s ark.”

Let us pray for all of the Bible students who are attending these Bible studies. May they come to understand deeply the history of God and become part of it.