YEF Atlanta Begins ‘Wednesday Campus Chapel’ On GSU

YEF ATL went over a message on John 1:1-14 titled ‘Why Jesus is Christ’. They plan to continue the series of John during this semester. The attendees were encouraged to invite friends to fill the empty seats.

“Who is Jesus and why he is Christ?”

This is the theme of Gospel. Originally there were three Gospel books called ‘Synoptic Gospel’. It was only later that the book of John was added. There should be a reason why it needed to be added. This is called this ‘The Fourth Gospel’ or ‘Post Gospel’. When learning chapter 1 (of John), the answer as to why John would need to be added is found here.

YEF Atlanta began by coming to understand the reason why the book of John was added onto the Gospels. Then they continued to go over the background of that time and applied the message to their lives one by one.

“Because of love, God gave His one and only Son to us. Through His life, not only saying but truly living the life of unconditional love, we can see God and feel His love. John testified that it was the  Son who came in the midst of us. He became human in the form of Man. This is what we come to see. The one unseen is finally seen. It is the event of the love. The coming of the Son is the cross and glory. How much do we long and pursue only the glory on high? But Christ truly came in the midst of our lives lowering Himself. This is His love.”

Through the message, all attendees received  grace and shared the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ. They also shared thankfulness to have the opportunity to have service on campus. YEF prays and plans to expand it to other campuses as YEF continues to grow.

Please pray for this time to be a sharing of the truth of God on whatever campus YEF may be.