YEF Korea Bible Study Students Increase In Number

More and more students have recently started studying the Bible at Youth Evangelical Fellowship Korea (YEFK). An English brother who is advancing to Korean level 5 at Yonsei University Language Institute and a high school student brother have been evangelized and listened to the Word constantly.

After listening to the Word, one brother shared his impressions: “In the Bible, Jesus’ answer is always amazing and seems beyond our imagination and thoughts. I am grateful to reflect on myself through the Word and to deepen the minds of others.”

In addition to listening to the Word, they receive another great grace through their own experience of preaching the Word.

In this regard, YEFK plans various programs such as group study and teacher seminars for Bible teachers to prepare for mass evangelism in the new semester. YEFK asks for prayer that their ministry would prepare a net of salvation truth that could hold many fish.