YEF LA Gains an Online Student from University of Southern California (USC)

The latest announcement in USC is that on-campus schoolwork will not resume until Fall semester. YEF LA has been seeking opportunity to teach Bible online, when on campus evangelism is not possible in near future. On Thursday, April 16th, YEF LA had an online Bible study with a long time student, Lin,  from the university. Lin has returned to China and listened to the Bible studies in the morning.

In this Bible study, Ephraim shared the message of the resurrection of Jesus. The Lord suffered and died for our sins, but that’s not the end, He received new life just at the promised time, when stones and seals could not stop Him.  If even death — the worst situation possible — can be reversed by God, any challenges we may encounter should be within God’s control. Lin shared that this message encourages her when she worries a lot about her future career.

Lin will stay in China until the Fall semester starts. It’s our hope that before our reunion in the Fall, even though she is physically far from our church, her spiritual bond with Jesus will continue to grow.