YEF LA Leader Received Grace and Strength in the Membership Training

From July 13-17, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Los Angeles (YEF LA) leader, Ephraim Fan, has been attending full time the OLI and has finished the schedule of the first week, receiving abundant grace and encouragement. In the prayer meeting lead by Elim, Ephraim received the gift of praying in tongue. God wants His servant to meet Him deeply in prayer, and bring His overflowing grace and love into the mission. In the lecture by Pastor Peter on the history of Christianity, a very clear picture of God’s great plan on His church was revealed.

From Paul to Augustine, to Reformation, to Evangelicalism, all the way to the vision of our community, just as everything before the Jesus was pointing to the Messiah, every century after Anno Domini is eagerly waiting for the fulfillment of His Kingdom. In the ThinkTank of online evangelism organized by Pastor John Zhang, experiences and ideas are discussed in terms of how to maintain a Youtube channel, Facebook page, or Twitter or Reddit accounts, which will be very useful in practice. The OLI has just past a half, God will surely prepare much more blessings in the following week.