YEF Zambia First Kalingalinga BBS from the Book of Matthew

Intern Pastor Joanna Mwepu, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Representative for Zambia, held street evangelism on July 14th 2020, and later had bible study with two sisters namely, Priscillah, who is her current neighbor and Beverly. She shared about the kingdom of God and the value of listening to the word of God.

They read from the book of Matthew 13:31-32, which is the parable of the mustered seed. She explained that the mustered seed is a very small seed and if someone does not know it he or she will regard it as of no value. “The same thing happens if someone does not know the power that is found in the word of God, they will think, ‘me sitting here for 30 minutes listening to the Bible study will be a waste of time and moreover I hear these words everyday at Church’ without them understanding that it is these same words that brings about the formation of the kingdom of God in their lives, and if we receive it with our hearts it will grow and become a very beautiful tree which will later provide shelter for birds.”

“Without the word of God the kingdom that Jesus said was within us in Luke 17:21 will remain but only as a statement given by Jesus, it will not become a reality for He compared the word of God to a seed which is planted in the hearts of people and when it grows it produces much more fruits than what was shown,” she explained.

The two students shared their joy of listening to the word of God that instead of asking questions, their asked when the next BBS will be held, “the study was very graceful and I really learnt a lot because we did not know many things about the kingdom of God not speaking about how it starts and where it is and for this we are really grateful”, they said and later Priscillah shared her desire to join for Sunday service by the grace of God.