YEF Holds Monthly Prayer Revival with International Leaders

Youth Evangelical Fellowship(YEF) hold monthly ‘Prayer Revival’ with international leaders on the 27th, 10am EST.

First they shared important prayer requests in mission and current Pandemic issue. All of participants prayed with united heart. It refreshed and renewed their hearts and shared Isaiah 40 and Joshua 1.

After the intercessory prayer, they also shared personal or local chapter prayer topics. They could understand each other and prayed earnestly.

One of chapter leaders shared “During the prayer time, I have this great urge in my heart that I should pray deeply to God so that He could hear my prayers. As I was praying, God wanted tell me to trust Him, to trust His ways and His works even though you cannot see what’s ahead of time. He wanted to put in my heart that He is the One leading me now and He loves me most and that He is giving all these bitter and sweet moments for me. So that I could seek more of Jesus Christ and depend more on Him. This made me cry for myself so much because God is really working in my life but at some point when I cannot see a good result I easily lose hope. I am very thankful that He chose me and He selected me.”

Other participants also shared “I feel when there is great work of Holy Spirit, enemy also works, always there is demonic power trying to stop us in many ways. So we need to know the Word of God, this is our weapon, we need to overcome with the truth and united prayer. Even we feel we cannot break through and always there is obstacle, we should know the spiritual warfare and be awake and pray together and study the word very diligently, then demons run away.”

YEF International holds monthly Prayer Revival every last Thursday of month. It is to revive mission heart and united each other in the Holy Spirit.