YEF Busan’s Steps of Evangelism to Reach Out Lost Souls

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Busan is diligently taking steps to evangelize near Pukyong National University. Recently, the mission leader of the YEF Pukyong National University-Kyungsung University Center shared the grace and hope he experienced while keeping the standards of evangelism every day.

He said, “There were people who opened their minds and listened to the words when they received masks with flyers and words of comfort, I could see the doors of their hearts open. Even in the atmosphere where the conversation is burdensome due to the heat and COVID-19, as I came to be convinced that there must be many souls God has prepared and I will surely meet them if I sincerely step forward to the souls.”

A sister he met through street evangelism had a feeling of loneliness and hardship due to the social atmosphere. Just by hearing a church, her soul reacted and her heart opened and conversation continued.

The leader of YEF Busan requested prayer for him to long for the place of evangelism every day, so that he can share the Gospel with precious souls without missing a day.