New Leaderships Set Up Worldwide

Youth Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters (YEF HQ) set up new leaderships recently.

In North America, new leaderships of YEF Seattle and YEF Atlanta were set up September, 2020.  Tracy Truong, YEF Seattle and Rani Reid, YEF Atlanta are sincere Christians and devoted student leaders of YEF chapters. They have been serving each chapter from bible study, group events and leading some activities for years.

YEF NA Staff shares, “We’re very thankful and overjoyed to see the new leaders. They’re very eager to know and understand many things within the Word. We believe that their appointment will be an excellent opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. YEF NA pray that they can come to truly comprehend what it means to walk this path of faith and grow strong roots in the Gospel.”

In Southeast Asia, leader Bhel moved to Cebu to take bigger commission. She has been serving Manila chapter sincerely and growing with obedient heart. She will serve Southeast Asia YEF chapters.

Bhel shared “This is such a great position. It is really the mercy of God. Though I have insecurities and worries taking such a big role, I just have to trust God. God has already planned everything for me in the best way. I just have to follow and obey Him.”

There are new changes and growth of young leaders of Asia Pacific and Africa. More than that, several potential leaderships growing in important continents with active and continuing networking by the grace of God.

Please keep praying for YEF brings numerous lost souls to God’s Kingdom.