YEF HQ Staff Arrive at HQ for Temporary Visit

November 25, 2020 – For the week of Thanksgiving, two members, Rani Reid and Bridaija Jones, will be visiting the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters. Because they are still in school, they can only come for a short visit, however once they graduate they will be coming to stay at the HQ permanently as HQ staff. During their time in Florida, they will be discussing and learning the different roles and duties, as well as, going over the overall vision of YEF, public image, and ways of evangelism and outreach.

They arrived yesterday morning and ate lunch together before heading to the Orlando property, where they received a full tour of the buildings. After this, they had a three hour meeting breaking down all of the changed to HQ and YEF and their roles in it. General Secretary, Danielle White, gave them an overview of the things that must be discussed during their time there and they had a deep discussion of what they’d believe YEF can be.

Sh prays that this could be a great time of fellowship and planning, directed by the Holy Spirit. “We are all quite young and honestly too passive at times,” she begins, “so we need wisdom and to have a deeper heart of caring and love for others. I sincerely pray that though our time together is short, we could all develop the same deep heart with one goal. The HQ is the root, so if the root isn’t strong or growing, the tree will surely die. I pray for God’s strength and for all of us to grow during this time. For the sake of YEF and the increase of God’s Kingdom.”