YEF Leaders Preparing Hearts for Coming Lenten

February 16th 2021 – Ash Wednesday begins tomorrow and YEF leaders around the world are preparing for the Lenten Season. The world leaders are encouraged to participate in Lent with a heart of remembrance of Jesus’ path to the cross.

This time of 40 days has a significant meaning of suffering and renewal; of self-abasement and repentance, following the example of Jesus’ love on the cross. Thus, this season should be a season of love when believers meditate on the amazing love of God that was revealed through Jesus Christ. The message of the Gospel is the good news of purifying our sin, perishing the power of death, and gaining a new life through Jesus by his bloodshed on the cross. At its simplest, the Gospel signifies the cross and resurrection.

Every year is another opportunity to draw nearer to Christ through His path and suffering on the cross. This year the YEF leaders were encouraged to go deeper on this journey together.