YEF Brazil Established and Begin Portuguese College Mission

Two Brazillian members, Talita and Clara, who initially attended YEF Korea’s Online Bible Study Group, were established as YEF Brazil volunteer members while receiving missionary training at the Brazilian Center.

The two sisters began campus evangelism at the University of Sao Paulo and are preparing to start evangelism online as well to reach out to the local youth. They also plan to work on the YEF brazil website to bring in other potential students. YEF HQ will be providing training to increase the missionary knowledge of the sisters and also helping them in their evangelism and leadership training.

YEF hopes to establish the deep roots of the Gospel and the vision of God for this world in the two sisters and through them open up the door for YEF’s establishment in South America. YEF asked for prayer that the two Brazilian sisters would continue to grow in the word, share this Gospel to Brazilian youth and be raised up as true disciples of the Lord.