YEF HQ Pushes Strategic Planning through AIDA to International Leaders

Youth Evangelical Fellowship introduces strategic shepherding and planning through AIDA to continental and chapter leaders. Through the strategy of ‘Attention-Interest-Desire-Action’, YEF HQ hopes to inspire the international leaders to be more creative in evangelism and planning, as well as, knowing the next steps for their mission fields and students being taught.

“The first step of ‘Attention’ basically means that our audience must know about us,” P. White explained, “We must create content that solves their problems and focuses on their passions, draw them in and provide a solution. For example, the solution when evangelizing is Bible study. The problem is that they don’t know God. So we can approach them with a question, ‘What is the meaning/purpose of your life?’, ‘Where do you find your joy?’, things that make them think about what they truly need. Making them understand that it is Bible study that they need for the answer to their questions and problems in life.”

The General Secretary continued to explain the principles of AIDA in terms of evangelism and shepherding, but also encouraged leaders to think of a way to apply this in other modes of mission and in their own paths of faith.

One chapter leader in Germany proclaimed, “This method is very insightful and true to what works in evangelism. I’m so happy to learn about how to build bible students into leaders through this method as well.”

YEF HQ prays that this will initiate new passion and active minds and hearts towards mission; encouraging leaders to think deeply and more excitedly about the possibilities of mission and the saving of souls.