YEF Macau to Spend 40 Days Focused on Evangelism and Raising Bible Study Students

With the power of resurrection, YEF Macau kicked off a 40-day focus on raising Bible students and evangelism ahead of Pentecost.

Right now, they have three consistent Bible Study students a brother named Zeyu and two sisters Amy and Shiyu.

Zeyu has finished the Romans Bible Study and is now studying the Four Spiritual Laws. They hope that he will be able to complete the new Bible study in April and become an official member of YEF.

Sister Amy is currently studying Romans and joining the Sunday service weekly. Amy shared after one Bible study, “I went to church for a long time, but I haven’t studied the Bible in particular before, but as I study the Word more, I think I want to know the Word better.”

Shiyu is also growing deeper in her relationship with God, and learning more about the Bible.

In addition, the YEF Leaders have set a standard of reaching out to 24 people every day for the next 40 days. They ask for prayers to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily and to walk with faith, hope and love.