YEF Africa Plans Events to Unite Members

In order to promote a sense of unity and familiarity amongst all the Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa members and Bible study students, YEF Africa is planning to host a fellowship event before the end of the month of June. The event will serve as a time for African leaders, members, and Bible study students to get to know more about YEF Africa as well as a time for them to get to know one another more.

“We usually hold many Bible studies, and prayer events which are all good but as a youth fellowship we are also supposed to be dynamic and fun while still being centered on Christ.” YEF Africa Representative, Anu Samuel, also commented, “Africa has been lacking in this a little bit, so I hope we can have a fun time and also help the members to see YEF Africa on a larger scale.”

The theme and details of the event have not been officially decided yet but YEF Africa plans to have everything finalized as soon as possible. The event will most likely be held online and all are welcome and invited to join in on the event. YEF Africa prays that this event can help to foster friendships and unity amongst the African members in order to build a more solid foundation and serve God together.

YEF Africa hopes to connect others of the African diaspora, in order to better connect with other parts of the world.