YEF Participates in Panel During WGA : How Can Fellowships and Church Collaborate

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) General Secretary, Danielle White, participated in a panel discussion at the 29th World General Assembly for churches and para-churches. The topic was on how both churches and para-churches could benefit from collaboration in order to speed up mission growth around the world. As YEF is considered a college focused para-church, she was given the opportunity to be a main speaker on the panel and give some new ideas for future collaboration.

After hearing from each church and fellowship, P. White felt inspired and hopes to see more collaboration between the two.

“In order to gain strength,” she thought, “it would be best to come together and then once we are strong to separate and work powerfully in our mission fields. The point of para-churches planting their fellowships within churches isn’t to take student away from the church, but rather to have students that can more readily help the church in the evangelism of people students and more people in general from the church.”

She also hopes that through new organized systems that churches and para-churches could work to enhance the speed of bible teaching for students. Through working together students could finish studies on Romans 1-8 in a week, if this model is successful and students could join fellowship events with other students and be inspired by one another to draw nearer to God. And so P. White prays that this could be done.