YEF Asia Pacific Branch Holds Mini-Retreat with Grace

On the 13th, YEF Asia Pacific (AP) held an online mini-retreat in the 4 spiritual laws with grace. During the two-and-a-half hour bible study, participants meditated on the work of God’s love of creation and salvation. The following are the reflections of the souls who participated.

Amy (YEF Macau) : From creation, to the fall, to salvation, and to the kingdom of God that we must advance, we came to this earth because of love, and all these things come from God. I received this love of God through faith, and I came to know that this love is really great power. I am having some difficulty completing my thesis these days, but I hope that God will give me wisdom and love so that I can complete it smoothly.

Seok-eon Han (YEF Korea) : The purpose of creation was to share God’s love with us, and love is the purpose of this creation. In the end, Adam’s fall had no gratitude in it, and sin entered us because we did not believe in God’s love. Many people ask why God didn’t judge mankind and create new ones. The reason is that God waits for us with love. That is why he sent his only begotten Son and opened the way for salvation. I do not want to forget that the motive of this salvation is love. We also need to know the heart of God who plans universal salvation.

Bo-hwa Kim (YEF Korea) : With love we are able to gain faith and through faith, salvation. Because of the love of God. I think that love makes people weak, because it blinds them. In a way I thought Gods love was like that because I didn’t understand why God would suffer and sacrifice because of love. I think during this lecture god told me that love can’t be explained through logic. That there is a deeper meaning than just understanding it. Of course I felt god love and was swept away by it but I didn’t completely understand it. But I realized that this love is not something I have to understand nor justify but just accept it.  I think that for a long time, I just wanted a excuse to stray away from God, saying that I don’t understand this love, when in reality its really simple. This gave me a heart of repentance.

Chanice (YEF Korea) : It’s important for me to know why I’m created and my purpose in life. God made me so that I can be fruitful in him and multiply. I was also created to reign over the things of this earth and love others. I cannot love without God because God is love. I was created for purpose. I was created because God wanted an extension of himself and he created me in his image. We get salvation by faith in Jesus. We need to accept the love of God to have faith which brings salvation. I should be in unity with my father in heaven. A father and son cannot exist without each other.

YEF AP thanked God for the grace poured out during the retreat, and asked for prayers so that the participants would come one step closer to God’s dream.